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It is the user's obligation to remain present with respect to appropriate laws and regulative investigations and findings and to ensure safe conditions for use, managing, storage, and disposal of the product, and to presume liability for loss, injury, damage, or expense due to incorrect usage. The information in the sheet was written based on understanding and experience presently readily available.

The above information relates just to this product and not to its usage in mix with any other product or any specific procedure and is developed only as assistance for the handling, usage, processing, storage, transport, and disposal. highyields.com should not be considered as a guarantee or quality requirements. This product has actually not been assessed for safe use in e-cigarettes or any vaping application where the item(s) is/are deliberately vaporized and inhaled.

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Using heat to a substance or mix of compounds may promote New Item formation by thermal destruction. New Products could consist of damaging or possibly harmful substances such as aldehydes, ketones, quinones, natural acids, and aromatic hydrocarbons (consisting of benzene). It is the sole responsibility of the person(s) buying this item to evaluate its security in the last application.

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It is the obligation of the user to review all security details about this item and identify its security and suitability in its own uses, procedures, and operations. Proper cautions and safe handling treatments should be offered to all handlers and users, taking into account the meant use and the specific conditions and aspects associating with such usage in accordance with all suitable laws and policies.

This document does not ease the buyer from conducting their own tests in order to confirm the suitability of this product for its application and to adhere to all pertinent legal requirements for any products into which this product is integrated. Botanically obtained and/or synthetic compounds discovered in this item may contain trace substances which can possibly result in a minor variance in between lots.

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